Interim solutions

Our interim solutions guarantee you competence in a certain function with immediate effect. We facilitate transitions in both departures and relocations in your organization; we can help finding you someone to cover for sick leave or leave of absence, and can also remedy shortages of team members at critical stages in your business flow. RP People has access to both our own consultants within the Rud Pedersen group and affiliated consultants who can be placed at our client's disposal at very short notice. If you need some immediately, we can help!

Expert coaching/training

Training and coaching shortens start-up times - it allows new employees in a function to achieve full efficiency and be profitable for you much earlier. Such training and coaching can also be adapted to facilitate the establishment and start-up of a new function. It can be done over time (coaching) and on specific occasions (training) as well as in combination.

Second opinions

We offer a complement to your on-going recruitment processes, where we provide our opinion on one or more candidates' profiles as well as making suggestions on how each individual can ‘hit the ground running’ by reducing start-up times with training. This can also be done in combination with validating specialist competencies in public affairs or communication.

Validation of competence in communications or public affairs

RP People has gathered the industry's largest expertise in these areas and sub-areas in the Nordic and European arena, and can therefore make qualified statements as to whether a candidate has the right qualifications and contact network. This can be done as a complement to your internal or outsourced recruitment process, where RP People takes responsibility for evaluating the shortlisted candidate’s public affairs or communications competence.

Establishing new functions

Many companies and organizations set up internal public affairs functions from scratch. Sometimes it can be difficult to fit that function into the existing organization. With the establishment of new executive and specialist functions, RP People provides strategic advice on how best to design the function and how it should be placed in the organization to best meet the organization's strategic needs.

Headhunting/Executive search

RP People and Rud Pedersen Group has industry-leading knowledge in communications and public affairs. Good knowledge of the business-critical role these functions play in different organizations ensures that the right skills profile is identified early in the process. A comprehensive network, in combination with solid search work, enables us to identify the ideal candidate profiles for your particular business. Our knowledge and skills in the field enable RP People to identify and contact candidates with high credibility.

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